It’s that time again…

It's that time again

What a week!

It’s that time once a quadrennial where the sport that lives near and dear to our hearts on a daily basis takes up that position in the hearts of many more people around the world. Our daily act of improving in swimming and competing for one’s team leaps onto the world stage.

And the swimmers are certainly performing on that stage!

My wife and I have stayed up far too late each evening watching Olympics and Coach Sarit and I generally have at least a sport or two playing in the office all day long.

So far, I have made a few observations I thought I would share:

  1. A focus inward on one’s own process and racing and inward toward one’s own team seems to elicit the best outcomes. The advice: focus on what you can control and those around you who support that process.
  2. A straight line still proves the most direct route. I have thoroughly enjoyed race footage from that roving camera above the center lanes that swings along with the competitors in the frame. There is no better angle to show how straight most of the best athletes’ body lines are. This gives them the dual benefit of moving in the most direct line from one end to the other while also allowing them to engage core muscles with their arms and legs to best effect. Even better, this is something we can all work on every day in the water.
  3. Inspiration and motivation are all around us. You don’t have to look far during an Olympic summer to find it. You just have to pay attention and let the energy sweep you up in the process. The takeaway: share what motivates you with others and let them lift you up, as well.

I certainly plan to take this excitement directly into our collegiate swim season that begins in just weeks!

I hope you’re enjoying the Olympics and soaking up the best moments. We have the privilege of watching ordinary humans who have taken what they do to extraordinary heights!

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